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"It was hard, in 2023, to imagine that political discourse could get measurably stupider than it was.": I hereby announce Haygood's Theorem of Political Discourse: It can *always* get stupider.

("Measurably" is an intriguing qualification, but I'll just note that although non-measurable sets exist - assuming the axiom of choice - their constructions are rather non-obvious.)

"'At least,' the Pulitzer-winning columnist wrote, 'Donald Trump knows how to dress.'": I guess maybe that was the closest the Pulitzer people could get to parity with the Nobel people, who gave a "peace prize" to Henry Kissinger.

However, I suppose she does deserve a perverse kind of credit for so perfectly exemplifying the Villager mentality: obsessed with form over substance and oblivious to the concerns of ordinary people.

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