Not to distract from the above worthy comments, but those are some really hardcore sandwich recipes in this edition. Of all the sandwiches I have not made, those are the ones that I have least considered making. Whew. To be clear I appreciate them all the same.

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I am able to spell, punctuate, and capitalize correctly, if I think I'm writing for publication and not to vent a years-in-the-building frustration with "tech journalism" that fails to understand a principle as foundational as "when stuff fall, stuff fall down".

There was an article years back, in Quartz I believe, but I won't link it cause Google broke googling recently, in which they hailed the development of carbon capture technology by a team in Iceland that was able to sequeater carbon as basalt miles underground.

Granting them the following:

1. They have massively abundant carbon free geothermal energy

2. It is probably hard to export any surplus energy

3. They probably have spare boreholes laying around from 1:

4. Energy wasted compressing and injecting the carbon underground doesnt bear accounting for because 2:

The process invovled using *fresh* water at a 5:1 ratio. That is, they used five tons of potable water to lock one ton of carbon away, which was then sealed away, irrevocably*, in a block of basalt miles below the earths surface.

That I wasn't killed instantly reading that means I'm probably immortal.

*Given how active Iceland is, I suppose subduction/convection will release that water, along with the carbon, in a geological instant of a few million years or so.

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