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"the bear was seen with waders in its mouth and a human head was found nearby": Saving something in the larder for later, eh?

"A coyote attacked a six-year-old girl, biting her legs, in Burnaby, Canada.": I live in a different suburb of Vancouver. Coyote attacks were all the rage around here a couple of years ago; there was one in my suburb, and there were lots in Stanley Park, a large and surprisingly wild park in central Vancouver. Last year was pretty quiet, but maybe the coyotes are making a comeback. The same week as that attack in Burnaby, there was an attack on a toddler in Port Coquitlam, which is yet another suburb of Vancouver.

"A hippopotamus attacked and capsized a canoe full of people": Hippopotami are notoriously dangerous, more so than popular African carnivores like lions and leopards.

A misanthrope might say all this is no more than we have coming to us for laying waste to the planet.

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