Daniel Penny didn’t know any of this about Jordan Neely when he decided to kill him. This is all just post facto rationalization designed to make Penny--and French--feel better about themselves.

“By "rule of law," French really meant "order," and by order, he meant incarceration.”

That’s all “law and order” has ever meant. They hate law. They only want order, and they decide what that is, and only they decide when and whether it changes.

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"We can't know for certain, and that lack of certainty creates the conditions for violence.": Hey, he's just playing a minor variation on an old "conservative" favorite: "We cannot wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud." A love of supposedly preemptive, murderous violence against brown people is as "conservative" as cutting taxes on the rich while railing against feminazis, deviated preverts, etc.

"the most recently hired member of the New York Times' stable of palatably conservative opinion columnists": Evidently, only under an excruciatingly elastic definition of "palatably". What, has David Brooks lost his mojo? Alex Pareene once remarked, "When you want a truly vile opinion dressed up to sound innocuous, Brooks is your guy." Has Brooksie gone flabby after all these years of ease in his "vast spaces for entertaining"? Or are the masters of the NYT just trying to keep him on his toes by giving him a little more competition (besides The Bretbug and Brother Douthat)?

Having decided several years ago to ignore the NYT, I hadn't heard of this guy. His advent doesn't give me any reason to reconsider that decision.

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