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"They were directly held hostage for the sake of Ronald Reagan's public relations.": And few of Saint Ronnie's fans would even admit there was anything wrong with that, since it contributed to getting rid of the hated Jimmy Carter. That's no small part of "why people weren't acknowledging that Iran had done this on Reagan's behalf". It was awkward but acceptable to many Americans.*

Really, in view of the open admiration of Donald Trump and many of the MAGAts for former KGB officer and current murderous dictator Vladimir Putin and their utter lack of umbrage about his efforts toward installing Trump in the presidency, is anyone surprised? They have no genuine principles except more power for themselves, and screw everyone else.

*To be sure, many of them told each other it wasn't that Ronnie and the ayatollah had made a deal but that the ayatollah was oh-so-scared of the oh-so-manly Saint Ronald, who was oh-so-different from that contemptible wimp Carter. That was the party line in the deeply delusional, ardently Republican milieu in which I had the misfortune to live at the time.

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