Is DeSantis arrogant enough to enter the primaries against Trump? Will he wait until the indictments start to make his move? He’s had lots of success in Florida being cruel, the way Republicans like their leaders. If he jumps in, the competition to attack defenseless minorities will be fierce.

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Carrying on the football metaphor, I'm rooting for injuries. (We're talking about an intrasquad scrimmage, right?)

Respectable American political journalism (a questionable term here) is dominated by people who are deeply clueless about American politics. In particular, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, they continually suppose most Republican voters are at least vaguely rational, never mind that those people have been voting against their own interests for decades.

Besides, it isn't obvious the tacit premise - that DeSantis would be more electable in November of 2024 - is even correct. American elections are decided largely by turnout, and Donald Trump, being "an aspirational brand to the worst people in the United States" (David Roth), drives turnout "bigly", as he would say. I suspect DeSantis, for all his depravity, would lose several million of Cheetolini's 2020 voters, morons who normally don't vote but voted that year as a way of screaming "FUCK YOU!!!" at the hated "elites".

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