Professional chef here:

I am not familiar with microwave timers that are used for non-microwave purposes, but I will say that after a certain amount of time in a (professional) kitchen your body will be trained to address the timer first and the food after, unless the item being timed is sensitive to the second (most things aren't). You will also internalize some of the more common timings; I for example feel a tightness at my temples when pasta is nearly ready, like the ache of an injured knee the morning of an afternoon rain. I accept that the freakish conditioning of my profession can't and shouldn't be expected universally, but more importantly professional kitchens don't use timers with a 'snooze' function; they beep continuously rather than beeping briefly, going silent, and reviving themselves once you've adjusted to the silence. Sounds annoying.

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+30 year old GE microwave here stops at 3 beeps. Had no concept of the privilege, must resolve to do better in life.

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