"For me these things are a bridge too far.": For me too. For me, the point of letting my facial hair grow out (i.e., having a mustache and beard) is convenience. I grew up among clean-shaven men, and for years, I shaved every day or two. About half my lifetime ago, I stopped, and I don't miss it. Now, I just trim a little about twice a month. With an electric trimmer, it's easy. (For me, scissors would also be a bridge too far.)

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As a long time beard guy — go to the barber and tell them just to “clean it up and make it neat” and watch what they do. You can buy a cheap trimmer — I mean I could afford one as a high school student. And also pick up some cheap hair mustache/beard scissors.

1) a professional will make your beard look great.

2) You will pick up some tips and tricks by just watching. Use these skills when you want to cheap out and simply maintain your own beard.

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